onsdag 6 augusti 2008

Peddlers - Three For All

This record is cool. A cool mix between rock, jazz and soul/funk released in 1970. The Peddlers were a english trio consisting of Roy Phillips on vocals, organ, piano and rhodes (he also wrote a couple of the tunes), Tab Martin on bass and Trevor Morais on drums and percussion.
  1. Last Train To Clarkesville
  2. Whole Lot Of Sunlight
  3. My Funny Valentine
  4. In The Summertime
  5. This Little Girl Of Mine
  6. Son
  7. Love For Sale
  8. Working Again
  9. Tell The World We're Not In
  10. Love Story
  11. String Of Pearls
  12. Thank God


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tswift98 sa...

Thank you for this gem

Gerhard sa...

Been looking for this for a long time. A million thanks for the post! Great job!

Anonym sa...

thankyou for this....great site,keep up the good work!

culov sa...

damn brother!!! after being stunned by your ability to consistently post albums that i dont have, i see THIS GEM!!! ive been after this for months! thanks so much. im disappointed that i was late to stumble upon your blog because ive got mad love for the records your posting.

big thanks fam

johnv sa...

Peddlers albums are virtually non-existent in the blogosphere. Believe me, I've looked! Thanks Steve!

Enrique HH sa...

Great blog, man!!!Really like your stuff, thanks a lot.Got more of these Peddlers?Absolutly cool,boy...Thanks again and keep the good work going.Peace and greetings from Spain.

Radek sa...

Nice one. Thank you very much.

Oldie sa...

More Peddlers please!!!
EMI - years

Anonym sa...

thank you!


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