måndag 18 augusti 2008

Sun Treader - Zin-Zin

This is jazz-funk, heavy on rhythm, released on Island in 1973. Sun Treader was a project led by drummer Morris Pert who handles drums and percussion. The other members were Peter Robinson on electric pianos (there's plenty of nice rhodes playing on this one), Alyn Ross on bass and Robin Thompson plays soprano saxophone on two of the four tunes. The last song is weird but nice space-out music, while the other three tracks brings the funk.
  1. Zin-Zin
  2. Stardance
  3. Orinoco
  4. From The Region Of Capricorn


2 kommentarer:

tswift98 sa...

Love the jazz-funk my man!! Thank you for this rarity!

Simon666 sa...

Hi Steve, thanks for this, you've got some great stuff here and i've linked you up in my blog. I also voted for you in the Four Brother's Beats logo comp:)
Keep up the good stuff!