söndag 24 augusti 2008

Rufus Thomas - Doing The Push & Pull At P.J.'s

Rufus Thomas released this funky and funny live album in 1971 on Stax records. It starts off with a 12 minute monologue where Rufus warms up the crowd, telling jokes, making them laugh. Then the music starts. It's funk with a late 60's feel, very groovy. There's also a bluesy tune and a cool version of Old McDonald Had A Farm.
  1. Monologue
  2. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
  3. Old McDonald Had A Farm
  4. Walking The Dog
  5. The Preacher And The Bear
  6. The Night Time Is The Right Time
  7. (DoThe) Push And Pull
  8. Do The Funky Chicken

http://rapidshare.com/files/139725281/Rufus_Thomas_-_Doing_The_Push___Pull_At_P.J._s.rar.html (The file was too big for mediafire so we're back to rapidshare for this one)

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Anonym sa...

Thanks for this classic Rufus...Push & Pull...
Jack Flash

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Awesome, awesome post - thanks heaps!!

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link is dead :(