lördag 16 augusti 2008

Jabula - Afrika Awake

This is Afro-Funk-Jazz-Poetry. Or something like that. Sort of like Last Poets meets Fela Kuti meets Cymande. This group is called Jabula and consists of Julian Sebothane Bahula, Madumetja
Lucky Ranku, Mike Mathome Rose, Penise Saul and Steve Scipio. Steve Scipio was actually the reason I picked this album up since I recognized his name on the back cover as the bass player from Cymande. On this album, his basslines is as bubbly as ever. My favourite track thus far is the mellow funk of Soweto My Love.
  1. Afrika Awake
  2. Thunder
  3. Mathome
  4. Sorrows
  5. Soweto My Love
  6. Soweto's Children
  7. Sia Kala
  8. I Know My Way
  9. Raining In Amsterdam


10 kommentarer:

soulbrotha sa...

Sounds intersting! But the link is coming up as error.

Steve sa...

hmm... the link works for me...

tswift98 sa...

Great record, actually had this but lost it!!:( Thank you!

trakbuv sa...

Wow - many thanks - anyone know which LP 'Scatterlings Of Africa' is off ?

culov sa...

new to me and im mad anxious to play it! thanks for putting me onto this

Wallofsound sa...

Many thanks for sharing. I've been looking for a digital copy of this for a while.

I'd also recommend two other Julian Bahula records: Thunder Into Our Hearts and his Jazz Afrika LP Son Of The Soil. I have produced the start of a Julian Bahula discography at http://wallofsound.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/julian-bahula-discography/

trakbuv, are you mixing Jabula with Jaluka? The latter had a track called Scatterlings Of Africa; not aware that Jabula did.

Reza sa...

looks very good thanks again love all the spoken word/poetry jazz stuff

johnv sa...

Amazing quality on this blog!

open form sa...

great :o)

thank you


more Bahula's



Anonym sa...

I have autographed copy of this. Somehow Jabula is suprisingly easy to find in eastern Finland. I just bought "Thunder in Our Hearts" - now spinning. The title song is great at least. Jabula "Happiness" would be the easiest.