lördag 21 mars 2009

The Rance Allen Group - Truth Is Where It's At

Rance Allen and group released this soulful album in 1972 on The Gospel Truth, a Stax Records subsidiary label. Thomas Allen on drums and vocals, Steve Allen on bass and vocals and Rance Allen on guitar, piano, electric piano and vocals.

There's Gonna Be A Showdown

See What You Have Done

Lovely LP. I love the small group sound. However, since I'm not at all religious the lyrics can somtimes be a little hard for me to relate to, but it doesn't really matter when the music's so good.
  1. There's Gonna Be A Showdown
  2. That Will Be Good Enough For Me
  3. God Is Wonderful
  4. See What You Have Done
  5. Look Around
  6. God Is Where It's At
  7. If I Could Make The World Better
  8. Mama
  9. To The Other Man
  10. Heartaches


onsdag 18 mars 2009

Charles Wright - Doing What Comes Naturally

Charles Wright, who most people recnognize better when you add the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band after his name, recorded this two record set in 1973 for Dunhill records. The fellas playing with him here is Horace Jones, Werner Schuchner, Yusef Rahman, Bobby Knight, Carlos Mercado, Joel Peskin, Joe Banks and others.

Doin' What Cums Naturally

A Mothers Love

The tracks are nice and long for the most part, the longest being the closer, Nonsense which is a nearly 17 minute long funk jam.

  1. Doin' What Cums Naturally
  2. One Two Three Four Five Six
  3. That's All That Matters Baby
  4. You Threw It All Away
  5. Silly 'Lil Girl
  6. You Are The One For Me
  7. You And Me
  8. A Mothers Love
  9. The Weight Of Hate
  10. 1, 2, 3, You & Me
  11. Nonsense

part 1

part 2

måndag 16 mars 2009

Peddlers - Three In A Cell

The Peddlers have already been introduced on this blog with this post. Here's a track from Three In A Cell, released in 1968 on CBS.

On A Clear Day

This record is a bit different from the other one I posted. For example there's some strings present here, which isn't really consistent with The Peddlers and their small-group style. But it works sometimes. However, I like them best when they leave the strings alone. For a good example, listen to Still Of The Night which is a rock hard jazz-rock tune (not a fusion tune, mind you, but jazz-rock).
  1. Comin' Home Baby
  2. On A Clear Day
  3. Basin Street Blues
  4. Nobody Likes Me
  5. I'm A Boy In Love
  6. People
  7. Still Of The Night
  8. Ebb Tide
  9. Just A Pretty Song
  10. Lost Continent
  11. Prime Of My Life