lördag 21 mars 2009

The Rance Allen Group - Truth Is Where It's At

Rance Allen and group released this soulful album in 1972 on The Gospel Truth, a Stax Records subsidiary label. Thomas Allen on drums and vocals, Steve Allen on bass and vocals and Rance Allen on guitar, piano, electric piano and vocals.

There's Gonna Be A Showdown

See What You Have Done

Lovely LP. I love the small group sound. However, since I'm not at all religious the lyrics can somtimes be a little hard for me to relate to, but it doesn't really matter when the music's so good.
  1. There's Gonna Be A Showdown
  2. That Will Be Good Enough For Me
  3. God Is Wonderful
  4. See What You Have Done
  5. Look Around
  6. God Is Where It's At
  7. If I Could Make The World Better
  8. Mama
  9. To The Other Man
  10. Heartaches


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culov sa...


thanks steve.


instrumentalpavilion sa...

Thank you very much for the wonderful posts on your site.

trakbuv sa...

Outstanding - Rance Allen singing the Birdy Song would knock me out - there is no more gifted singer, period IMHO.

Radek sa...

Excellent! I keep on listening to this all day long and I can't get enough. Thanks a lot.

honkyfish.com sa...

I deeply thank you for sharing such great music :)

Lafayette sa...

Thanks, Steve...you always come correct on what to post! And yeah, if you haven't noticed; we're back!

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(PS. I still use your 4BB beat entry as ringtone on my cell! :¬)

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thanks for posting

Anonym sa...

I love you Rance!

Anonym sa...

oh my. the man can sing.