söndag 30 november 2008

Carolyn Franklin - Baby Dynamite

Funky soul grooves from Arethas sister. Her first album, released on RCA in 1969. Arranged and conducted by Horace Ott, produced by Buzz Willis.

What Cha' Gonna Do

I Can't Love Without You

There I Go (Se per te c'e' soltano quell 'uomo)

Soulful shit. And some really gritty grooves aswell. Make sure you check this out if you haven't heard it.
  1. Reality
  2. It's True I'm Gonna Miss You
  3. What Cha' Gonna Do
  4. I Don't Want To Loose You
  5. Boxer
  6. I Can't Love Without You
  7. What Now My Love
  8. Alone
  9. There I Go (Se per te c'e' soltano quell 'uomo)
  10. On a Back Street
  11. More Than Ever Before


fredag 28 november 2008

Joe Thomas - Ebony Godfather

This record is the definition of funky flute. Released on the Today label in 1972. No info on the other players.

Chitlins And Cuchifritos

Every Brother Ain't A Brother


Chitlins And Cuchifritos is a classic track that is made up of a funk groove with Thomas blowing all over it. Even though all tracks on this record is nice, these three are the ones that stand out for me.
  1. Talk To Me
  2. Chitlins And Cuchifritos
  3. Ebony Godfather
  4. Fancy Fanny
  5. Be Anything Be Mine
  6. Every Brother Ain't A Brother
  7. Sundown Express
  8. Love


torsdag 27 november 2008

Richard ''Groove'' Holmes - Six Million Dollar Man

Organ funk from the mighty Groove Holmes. Released in 1975 on the Flying Dutchman label. Players include David Walker, Chuck Rainey, Tom Scott, Oscar Brashear and many others (see back cover for full detail).

Dumpy Mama

Mama's Groove

Oliver Nelson conjures up some sweet 70's grooves for Groove to groove to. Them two examples should be enough to convince you, right?
  1. Disc-O-Mite
  2. Salsa De Alma
  3. Once Is Not Enough
  4. Dumpy Mama
  5. Six Million Dollar Man
  6. Double Scale
  7. 125th St. And 7th Ave
  8. Mama's Groove


onsdag 26 november 2008

David Porter - Sweat & Love

Great 70's soul from the man most known for his days as Isaac Hayes songwriting partner. He released a couple of solo records on Stax after the golden years of the Hayes-Porter team had ended. This one is from 1973, his last one, I think.

Somebody Owns A Piece Of My Rock

Somebody Owns A Piece Of My Rock is my favourite track here but it isn't the only good one. Didn't Know Love Was So Good is great aswell, it kinda reminds me of Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack. Funny Money has a nice flute groove to it.
  1. Didn't Know Love Was So Good
  2. Somebody Owns A Piece Of My Rock
  3. (Seems Like) The One You Can't Have all By Yourself
  4. All The Way
  5. Funny Money
  6. I Can Live With My Conscience
  7. This Song Has No Title
  8. Long As You're The One Somebody In The World
  9. Falling Out, Falling In


tisdag 25 november 2008

Universal Jones - Vol. 1

A nice funky album by Universal Jones who never released a second volume. Released on MGM/Verve in 1972. If you look to the far left on the cover you'll see every beat diggers favourite funk/folk singer Eugene McDaniels, who is a major contributer to this album. Mc D is listed as producer, lead vocalist, writer and acoustic guitar player, Sister Charlotte is the female lead vocalist, Maurice McKinley is on drums, Bob Woos is on guitars and bass, Leon Pendarvis is arranging and conducting the set aswell as playing bass and electric piano. There's additional musicians listed on the back cover.

Tuesday Morning


Listen to the mellow groove of Tuesday Morning for a taste. River sounds like something straight from one of Eugenes solo albums from the early 70's. It's got that folky feel. There are three more good funk tunes, some more soulful ones and then there's the 10-minute jazz-funk tune Hello To The Wind.

  1. We All Know A Lot Of Things But It Don't Never Show
  2. Takin' Care Of Business
  3. Feeling That Glow
  4. Tuesday Morning
  5. Good Love Man
  6. Hello To The Wind
  7. River
  8. Sidewalk Man


söndag 16 november 2008

The Nite-Liters - Instrumental Directions

A classic funk record. Mostly soul/funk instrumentals, but there's also some nice soulful vocals on Respect to the Other Man and (Them) Changes. Released on RCA in 1972, produced by Harvey Fuqua.

(Them) Changes preview

Respect to the Other Man preview

  1. Theme From Shaft
  2. Brand X
  3. (Them) Changes
  4. Respect to the Other Man
  5. Cherish Every Precious Moment
  6. Afro-Strut
  7. Medley; MacArthur Park-What's Going On-Fuqua's Theme
  8. I've Got Dreams to Remember
  9. Wichita Lineman
  10. Bakers Instant


Black Music: Betty Davis

I've got something new for todays post. In december of 1973 the first issue of a brittish music magazine called Black Music hit the shelves. Lucky for me, my dad picked it up. He also bought a ton of other issues of above mentioned magazine. This is an article on Betty Davis from the november issue of 1974. If this is appreciated I can easily put up more articles like this (Herbie Hancock, Gil-Scott Heron, The Blackbyrds, The Meters).

lördag 15 november 2008

Leon Thomas - In Berlin

Live album from jazz vocalist Leon Thomas, released on the Flying Dutchman label in 1971. Feateures a great version of The Creator Has A Masterplan.

Leon Thomas - vocals, african mouth organ, african flute, percussion and miscellaneous instruments; Oliver Nelson - alto saxophone; Arthur Sterling - piano; Guenter Lenz - bass; Sonny Morgan - conga; Lex Humphries - drums

  1. Straight No Chaser
  2. a) Pharaoh's Tune (The Journey) b) Echoes
  3. Umbo Weti
  4. The Creator Has A Masterplan-Peace
  5. Oo-Wheee!! Hindewe

Digital Millennium Copyright Act stole the link

Wlodek Gulgowski - The Music Of Wlodek Gulgowski

Pianist Wlodek Gulgowski released this album in 1972 on Senise (tiny label distributed by EMI). It's funky in parts and some kind of folky pop in other parts. Not every track is great but Who Was The Man and Yeah Man Song are. Vocals are by Maritza Horn, Wlodek handles keyboards, Waldy Hajer plays trombone, alto sax and violin, Hasse Rosén plays guitar, Jan Bergman plays bass, Stephen Möller plays drums, Henry Gustafsson is on flute, Malando Gassama plays congas, Inge Boström plays 1st violin and Frank Corvini 1st trumpet.
  1. Delivery Of Love
  2. Who Was The Man
  3. Treaty Of Peace
  4. Yeah Man Song
  5. Take A Step To Jesus
  6. Bring Back The Fire Of Love
  7. Goodbye To Monotony
  8. I've Paced The Road Of Life
  9. Love Is Our Hope


lördag 8 november 2008

Merl Saunders - Fire Up

Funky stuff from organist Merl Saunders who passed away recently. Some instrumental tracks, some with vocals. The album was released on Fantasy in 1973. Players are Merl Saunders on keyboardsand vocals, Jerry Garcia on guitar and vocals, Tom Fogerty and Mike Howell on rhythm guitar, John Kahn or Chuck Rainey on bass, Bill Vitt, Christopher Parker, Bill Kruetzman or Gaylord Birch on drums, Bill Sommers and Ken Nash on percussion and Walter Hawkins on vocals. Really nice funky music with some blues and jazz elements.
  1. After Midnight
  2. Expressway (To Your Heart)
  3. Charisma (She's Got)
  4. Soul Roach
  5. Chock-Lite Puddin'
  6. Benedict Rides
  7. The System
  8. Lonely Avenue


måndag 3 november 2008

Mandingo - Savage Rite

English group Mandingo released this album on EMI in 1977. Besides sporting a fabulous cover, it contains a hectic, hard-rocking kind of afro-funk. There's a cool version of The Chakachas classic funk track Jungle Fever (though, here it's called Jungle Juice). King Of The Jungle is equally good and The Man From Takoradi has a nice blaxplotation feel to it.
  1. Manhunter
  2. Wild Man
  3. Arachnid
  4. King Of The Jungle
  5. Requiem For A Warrior
  6. The Man From Takoradi
  7. Jackal
  8. Rebellion
  9. Jungle Juice
  10. Savage Rite


söndag 2 november 2008


This past week I went away for a few days to see my sister. While visiting her I checked out the record stores in her neck of the woods. Check out what I found.

All together I paid less than 30 euros for all of these. Considering that the Bobby Byrd record alone is worth more than twice that I think I made a pretty good deal.
A list of the records:
  • Irakare - Live In Sweden
  • Bobby Byrd - I Need Help
  • Bob Azzam - Garden Of Love
  • Edwin Birdsong - Super Natural
  • LeRoy Hutson - Feel The Spirit
  • Spinners - From Here To Eternally
  • 5th Dimension - Earthbound
  • Spinners - 8
  • Billie Holiday - A Rare Live Recording Of
  • Moms Mabley - Abraham, Martin & John
  • Luther - Luther
  • Major Harris - Jealousy
  • Formula IV - Come Get Yourself Some

I've got some of these lined up for ripping but not all of them, so if you see anything you like, say so in the comments.

Irene Reid - The World Needs What I Need

Nice soul with a real fatback sound on some tracks. There's also some jazzy and some bluesy touches here and there. Released on Polydor in 1971, arranged and conducted by Horace Ott. Her version of My Way is really nice and gets lowdown and funky before the fade. Hey World, Let Love In is the song for the straight up funk heads.

  1. A Certain Kind Of Woman
  2. Moon Dance
  3. My Way
  4. Son Of A Preacher Man
  5. Words
  6. The World Needs What I Need
  7. Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)
  8. Didn't We
  9. Hey World, Let Love In


lördag 1 november 2008

J.A.L.N. Band - Life Is A Fight

Tight funk from the UK. Soulful, funky, smooth grooves with a hint of disco, kind of like George Clinton meets The Blackbyrds. Released on Magnet Records in 1976. People Think Again is dope, with a mellow groove and fitting vocals and Doin' A Parliament Thing is a nice imitation of the Clinton bands.
I'm not sure if it's true but I read that J.A.L.N. stands for Just A Lot of Noise.
  1. Welcome Child
  2. Finding My Feet
  3. Life Is A Fight
  4. Ups & Downs
  5. People Think Again
  6. Disco Music - I Like It
  7. Nothing Ever Comes That Easy
  8. This 'Ere Feelin
  9. Let's Do It Now
  10. Doin' A Parliament Thing