måndag 3 november 2008

Mandingo - Savage Rite

English group Mandingo released this album on EMI in 1977. Besides sporting a fabulous cover, it contains a hectic, hard-rocking kind of afro-funk. There's a cool version of The Chakachas classic funk track Jungle Fever (though, here it's called Jungle Juice). King Of The Jungle is equally good and The Man From Takoradi has a nice blaxplotation feel to it.
  1. Manhunter
  2. Wild Man
  3. Arachnid
  4. King Of The Jungle
  5. Requiem For A Warrior
  6. The Man From Takoradi
  7. Jackal
  8. Rebellion
  9. Jungle Juice
  10. Savage Rite


5 kommentarer:

culov sa...

this is a dope record, im surprised that its never been blogged before!

do you have the chakachas album 'stories'??

i saw it at a record store yesterday but i wasnt about to drop $85 on it, specially since it was a reissue. i know they put out some more records besides the one i mentioned and jungle fever but one doesnt come across them very often. thanks for the upload--ive got some more mandingo... lemme know if youre interested. peace

Steve sa...

I actually dont have anything from chakachas, Jungle Fever is about all I've ever heard from them... I have never come across anything of theirs on my travels, so i guess that means youre right, one doesnt come across them very often.

ish sa...

The Jungle Fever album is a little disappointing, actually. It's mostly very straight-ahead Latin, not nearly as funky or off-kilter as the title tune. Don't know their other albums... Looking forward to this Mandingo album. Thanks.

alex sa...

another gem ive gotten back!
you have superb taste sir!!!
made this man VERY happy!
big thanks again!

RPM~ sa...

Wow. I see I'm a little late as I just stumbled upon your post 2 yrs after it dropped but I also have to say I've never seen this around in all my yrs collecting. I own the "The Primeval Rhythm Of Life" album on Cd and have seen maybe a couple more releases around but this is a first time see 4 me. Looking 4ward 2 hearing it. Thanks