lördag 15 november 2008

Leon Thomas - In Berlin

Live album from jazz vocalist Leon Thomas, released on the Flying Dutchman label in 1971. Feateures a great version of The Creator Has A Masterplan.

Leon Thomas - vocals, african mouth organ, african flute, percussion and miscellaneous instruments; Oliver Nelson - alto saxophone; Arthur Sterling - piano; Guenter Lenz - bass; Sonny Morgan - conga; Lex Humphries - drums

  1. Straight No Chaser
  2. a) Pharaoh's Tune (The Journey) b) Echoes
  3. Umbo Weti
  4. The Creator Has A Masterplan-Peace
  5. Oo-Wheee!! Hindewe

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Solomon sa...

Thank you.

Anonym sa...

Great live,thank you!