fredag 28 november 2008

Joe Thomas - Ebony Godfather

This record is the definition of funky flute. Released on the Today label in 1972. No info on the other players.

Chitlins And Cuchifritos

Every Brother Ain't A Brother


Chitlins And Cuchifritos is a classic track that is made up of a funk groove with Thomas blowing all over it. Even though all tracks on this record is nice, these three are the ones that stand out for me.
  1. Talk To Me
  2. Chitlins And Cuchifritos
  3. Ebony Godfather
  4. Fancy Fanny
  5. Be Anything Be Mine
  6. Every Brother Ain't A Brother
  7. Sundown Express
  8. Love


6 kommentarer:

Hanimex 3000 sa...

one second of "chitlins..." and I knew I ought to grab this album.
Thanks thanks

Bill sa...

I`ve only recently discovered music blogspots.I`ve downloaded some albums from your blog and it`s about time I said thanks! You`ve got a really nice site,an EXCELLENT mix of great music..soul to jazz. Please keep up the GOOD work.I apologise for not commenting for each download,my excuses are that,like many these days, I have a very limited amount of time. You have helped save my soul.In my previous life I had time for record fairs and browsing the bins,I`ve really missed that.Now,when I can I browse sites like yours and still get the same thrill on discovering a sought after gem.THANKS

Simon666 sa...

wow that's exactly what I was going to say :)
(Hi Hanimex!)
Thanks Steve, top stuff, love it

B3 sa...

Hello there! THanks for sharing - I've never heard a Joe Thomas solo album, just checked him out on other peoples' recordings. I appreciate the share.

peter sa...

Hej Steve.
Tack för alla rips. Din blogg är verkligen en guldgruva :)

Anonym sa...

any chance of a re-up? thanks!