söndag 16 november 2008

Black Music: Betty Davis

I've got something new for todays post. In december of 1973 the first issue of a brittish music magazine called Black Music hit the shelves. Lucky for me, my dad picked it up. He also bought a ton of other issues of above mentioned magazine. This is an article on Betty Davis from the november issue of 1974. If this is appreciated I can easily put up more articles like this (Herbie Hancock, Gil-Scott Heron, The Blackbyrds, The Meters).

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Wallofsound sa...

Great idea!

Just to make me feel really old, I used to but the magazine myself, and I've got close to a whole set of both Black Music and Blues & Soul. The writing in BM tended to be pretty good, and the articles stand up to re-reading even today. It would be great to have online copies. Let me know if I can contribute.

And thanks for the records you have shared already.

Steve sa...

Thanks for the comment! And yeah, if you got some I havent got, contributions would be most welcome. For example I dont have any Black Music between January-November 1974. And there's some spots to fill in 1975 and 76 aswell... I'll probably keep posting them like this though, article for article, so it's gonna be a while before I run out of stuff to post :)

B3 sa...

Yes, this is fantastic! I'd really love to see the piece about the Meters if you don't mind posting it. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

Hanimex 3000 sa...

Hey hey. We completely agree with ya this would be fantastic! And also useful as all the information given in these papers should be true (more than wikipedia for sure) --> perfect to pick up informations before our broadcasts, btw reading these old articles is an excellent complement to wax poetics! Newbell and Eyebender

culov sa...

you always surprise me fam!! thanks!

Simon666 sa...

hey it'd be great to see those articles steve, much appreciated

Anonym sa...

thank you very much! it's always better to read articles from the past when all this happened!

keep on doing your great work


paros sa...

now that brought the memories flooding back..i used to look forward to wednesdays to pick up my new copy to catch up on the new tunes and dj charts also known as black echoes..thanks for that.

trakbuv sa...

'Black Music' was such a well written magazine and so well informed - the first copy I got is the one you featured - my dad had to buy me the copies because i couldn't get it locally. 'Blues & Soul' was always second best in the written department (although I have hundreds of those as well). And so good for Reggae of course. I also loved the way it listed most of the new singles releases coming out of America every month in Hot Stuff - exceptional.

And don't forget the 'weekly' (?) newspaper, Black Echoes - whatever happened to my copies of that - newspapers don't really stand the test of time very well ??

Then the mag tried to incorporate Disco, then more Jazz, and finally it got swallowed up by the more popular Blues & Soul.

I stopped buying Blues & Soul because there simply is nothing to read !!!!! Sign of the times ???

These articles are simply gold dust !!!