fredag 14 december 2012

Prince Lawsha - Firebirds Live at Berkeley Jazz Festival

A great record. Swings hard, with plenty of space for the soloists (mainly Lasha himself) to move around. Ron Carter plays bass, Kenneth Nash on percussion, Hubert Eaves on piano, Ron McCurdy drums and Lasha/Lawsha plays alto, baritone and flute. Released in 75 on Birdseye (private label).
  1. Mayflower
  2. For The Child
  3. Tracking Train

torsdag 13 december 2012

The new band

I dont know if anyone is still reading this blog (it has been a while since my last post). I've still got som rips made and rips to be made but cant ever seem to get around to posting them.
Anyway, just thought I'd drop a link to music me and some friends have been making lately. Kind of in the avantjazzgrooveinstrumentalhiphop category. None of us are proffesional musicians or anything, we just make music the only way we know how... because it's hella fun!