söndag 2 november 2008


This past week I went away for a few days to see my sister. While visiting her I checked out the record stores in her neck of the woods. Check out what I found.

All together I paid less than 30 euros for all of these. Considering that the Bobby Byrd record alone is worth more than twice that I think I made a pretty good deal.
A list of the records:
  • Irakare - Live In Sweden
  • Bobby Byrd - I Need Help
  • Bob Azzam - Garden Of Love
  • Edwin Birdsong - Super Natural
  • LeRoy Hutson - Feel The Spirit
  • Spinners - From Here To Eternally
  • 5th Dimension - Earthbound
  • Spinners - 8
  • Billie Holiday - A Rare Live Recording Of
  • Moms Mabley - Abraham, Martin & John
  • Luther - Luther
  • Major Harris - Jealousy
  • Formula IV - Come Get Yourself Some

I've got some of these lined up for ripping but not all of them, so if you see anything you like, say so in the comments.

7 kommentarer:

culov sa...

word, that bobby byrd album sounds like it should be dope but ive never come across it! that edwin birdsong album is straight fire. he was dripping with funk while he was recording that joint! peace

Anonym sa...

hey. i love the site. that major harris would be sweet to rip. nice catch over all!


manny sa...

if you can rip that bob azzam record, that would be so dope

ive only heard a few bob azzam songs and i dont even know what albums they were from but id love to hear more

Steve sa...

Yeah Ill rip it and post it up. It's a pretty rare record, even here in sweden. Im gonna sell it to finance some other records i just bought that really cost me...

FuNkaDeLiC sa...

It would B nice if u ripped the Bobby Byrd and the Spinners record =] but that might B askin a bit too much

Steve sa...

i can do that, ill put it on my list. Which spinners were you talking about?

Anonym sa...

it would be great if you could rip the Bobby Byrd album.