onsdag 26 november 2008

David Porter - Sweat & Love

Great 70's soul from the man most known for his days as Isaac Hayes songwriting partner. He released a couple of solo records on Stax after the golden years of the Hayes-Porter team had ended. This one is from 1973, his last one, I think.

Somebody Owns A Piece Of My Rock

Somebody Owns A Piece Of My Rock is my favourite track here but it isn't the only good one. Didn't Know Love Was So Good is great aswell, it kinda reminds me of Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack. Funny Money has a nice flute groove to it.
  1. Didn't Know Love Was So Good
  2. Somebody Owns A Piece Of My Rock
  3. (Seems Like) The One You Can't Have all By Yourself
  4. All The Way
  5. Funny Money
  6. I Can Live With My Conscience
  7. This Song Has No Title
  8. Long As You're The One Somebody In The World
  9. Falling Out, Falling In


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culov sa...

i dont know how you do it, but you always manage to post shit that ive been looking for!! man.. ive got most of these semi-rare stax records but THIS ONE ive never been able to pick up. thanks fam!!

FuNkAdeLiC sa...

Thank u for sharing this

Radek sa...

Thank you very much for this excellent piece of soul.

Simon666 sa...

fantastic record. You're posting really excellent stuff Steve, big thanks. Also recognised "Funny money" from here

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