tisdag 25 november 2008

Universal Jones - Vol. 1

A nice funky album by Universal Jones who never released a second volume. Released on MGM/Verve in 1972. If you look to the far left on the cover you'll see every beat diggers favourite funk/folk singer Eugene McDaniels, who is a major contributer to this album. Mc D is listed as producer, lead vocalist, writer and acoustic guitar player, Sister Charlotte is the female lead vocalist, Maurice McKinley is on drums, Bob Woos is on guitars and bass, Leon Pendarvis is arranging and conducting the set aswell as playing bass and electric piano. There's additional musicians listed on the back cover.

Tuesday Morning


Listen to the mellow groove of Tuesday Morning for a taste. River sounds like something straight from one of Eugenes solo albums from the early 70's. It's got that folky feel. There are three more good funk tunes, some more soulful ones and then there's the 10-minute jazz-funk tune Hello To The Wind.

  1. We All Know A Lot Of Things But It Don't Never Show
  2. Takin' Care Of Business
  3. Feeling That Glow
  4. Tuesday Morning
  5. Good Love Man
  6. Hello To The Wind
  7. River
  8. Sidewalk Man


15 kommentarer:

ish sa...

Wow. That is a treasure...a Eugene McDaniels album i didn't know. Thanks so much, awesome find.

invisiblenigma sa...

Much Thanks Steve! Great Album Fam!!

ish sa...

I had to come back and thank you again for this. I didn't know about this album at all, and listening to it fills in the blanks between McDaniels' solo albums Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse and Outlaw, and his work with Bobby Hutcherson on Now. Really really enjoying the 70s hippy funk vibe. If you ever run across McDaniels' 1975 "Natural Juices" I will be eternally in your debt.

Radek sa...

Thank you very much! Not as consistent as Eugene's solo albums, in my view, but some of the tracks are excellent.

alex sa...

like ish-staggered to find this lost? EM album-cant wait to hear this-big big thanks man!

Simon666 sa...

Nice stuff here, really like "Hello to the wind" and the funky tracks. Thanks!

johnv sa...

Thanks so much Steve, you really have some amazing music on your blog. Makes me want to come to Sweden immediately!

jaguar sa...

Never heard this one before.

Looking forward to it.


sputnik707 sa...

Thanks for this, the folk funk thing I really like and you have some great examples here. Keep up the good work.

Conti sa...

Is there a re-up of this somewhere, this seems fascinatingly great.

Anonym sa...

Link is dead!
Any chance for a re-up?

Steve sa...

re up


Miles sa...

directed here by ish and like him (and others apparently), i was unaware of this mcdaniels date. thanks for sharing it. look forward to giving it a spin and remembering eugene.

Brandon sa...

Thank you. Not heard this but Headless Heroes is one of my all time favourites, so looking forward to hearing it. RIP.

Buffalo.Mantis sa...

Just discovered The greatness of Eugene Mcdaniels, and I can't get enough of how awesome a producer he is. Any chance of re-uploading this?