måndag 16 mars 2009

Peddlers - Three In A Cell

The Peddlers have already been introduced on this blog with this post. Here's a track from Three In A Cell, released in 1968 on CBS.

On A Clear Day

This record is a bit different from the other one I posted. For example there's some strings present here, which isn't really consistent with The Peddlers and their small-group style. But it works sometimes. However, I like them best when they leave the strings alone. For a good example, listen to Still Of The Night which is a rock hard jazz-rock tune (not a fusion tune, mind you, but jazz-rock).
  1. Comin' Home Baby
  2. On A Clear Day
  3. Basin Street Blues
  4. Nobody Likes Me
  5. I'm A Boy In Love
  6. People
  7. Still Of The Night
  8. Ebb Tide
  9. Just A Pretty Song
  10. Lost Continent
  11. Prime Of My Life


7 kommentarer:

Solomon sa...

Thank you.

Bill sa...

Really looking forward to this one! Thanks.

Simon666 sa...

Thanks Steve, I had "On A Clear Day" omn a comp. , so good to hear the rest .. .jesus that guy plays B3 so well ...

culov sa...

i got 2 copies of this one on vinyl hahaha. not as good as the first one you posted (that one was new to me) but its still hot. youre right about the strings (in this case) but i take it that you havent heard the peddlers with the london symphony? that, imo is their best album, followed by the self titled you posted, then birthday, and then this joint right here.

on a clear day, without a doubt the most well known track off this album, was sampled by the last emperor for the track 'on a clear day' featuring masta ace and tru goy.

Steve sa...

I have only heard the two records I've posted.. haven't got anymore Peddlers as of right now. Always on the lookout though, you know...

Radek sa...

Thanks a lot. I think the record is excellent even with the strings.

Anonym sa...

I'm so happy I found your site and this LP! It's the first time ever hearing 'The Peddlers' and I'm really digging this album! Of course, 'On A Clear Day' is a standout, but so is the whole album! TERRIFIC, and thank you so very much! Looking forward to getting the first post without strings! Thanks again! Great Site!

Deb from Michigan :)