lördag 28 februari 2009

Tequila - Power

Nice funk-jazz-latin music with some rock influences, released on Toniton (in Sweden only, I think) in 1974. Four mexicans, one swede and one englishman.

Someone To Love


I'm digging this record very much, hope you will to.
  1. Someone To Love
  2. Gotta Find A Way
  3. Soraya
  4. Amigo Mio
  5. We're Still Hot
  6. Smog City
  7. Love Song
  8. Communication
  9. Cozumel
  10. Foreigners

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7 kommentarer:

Solomon sa...

Thank you.

feint operation sa...

Hello- What a fantastic blog, many unusual items here, Cheers for all your hard work !!!!
I hope you don't mind if I make a request as I see you have some rare items;
B.J. Ward - Vocal Ease LP.
A Dutch jazz vocal LP from 1970
Cheers again, F.O. (New Zealand)

culov sa...

thanks steve

alex sa...

new one for me this is!
look forward to it!
thanks again

Enrique HH sa...

Very good album,liked it a lot.Do they have more albums? I hope so,if you got more of them please post it.Thanks a lot for all the gems, maestro.Keep on doin'it my friend

DWIGHT sa...

hey, the file has been deleted or something, could you re-up it ? it sounds very interesting. btw, the whole blog is fantastic, lots of stuff I would've never come by.

Calisan sa...

Hi! Could you re-post just the artwork or back cover? please!
Wonderful blog! I'll go crazy!