lördag 7 februari 2009

Mel Brown - Big Foot Country Girl

Another Mel Brown record for your asses. This one from 1973, might be his last, I don't know. This, like all other Mel B records I own, was released on Impulse.

Need Love

Stinging Bea

Musically, it's what you usually get from a Mel Brown album, meaning a bluesy, funky and soulful mix, with a very down-home kind of sound.
  1. Need Love
  2. Home Folks
  3. Red Cross Store
  4. Little Girl, Don't You Know
  5. Big Foot Country Girl
  6. Goin' Down Slow
  7. Stinging Bea

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Many thanks!

Solomon sa...

Thank you.

johnv sa...

This looks cool, thanks Steve.

E-mile sa...

Outstandingly tasty!
thanks for this beaty,
peace, E-mile

ish sa...

Thanks. I had been very curious about Mel Brown. Enjoyed it. Odd one for Impulse?

alex sa...

many thanks again!

Anonym sa...

im loving these tunes..woohoo..

Anonym sa...

thanks dude for the discover..much respect ..jean paris

brujo sa...

Thank you for the two Mel Brown albums and Gary Burton's Throb album anything with Jerry Hahn is a delight,in regard to Mel Brown have you heard some of his work with Tompall Glaser the rebel country singer .He was a member of his band for a while .great blog