söndag 15 februari 2009

Freddie McCoy - Soul Yogi

Soul-jazz from vibist Freddie McCoy, released in 1968 on Prestige. Players are Freddie McCoy on vibes and drums, Joanne Brackeen on piano and organ, Wally Richardson on guitar, Steve Wolfe on sitar, Lawrence Evans on bass, Ray Appleton on drums and Emanuel Green, Joseph Malignaggi and Peter Dimitriades on violins. Dave Blume arranged and conducted the set.

Salem Soul Song

Sorry 'bout That

I Am A Walrus

The sound is upbeat and happy for most of the record. The version of The Beatles I Am The Walrus is nice as it brings the tempo down for a bit.
  1. Soul Yogi
  2. Salem Soul Song
  3. Sorry 'bout That
  4. I Am A Walrus
  5. Pet Sounds
  6. What Now My Love
  7. Mysterioso
  8. Ride On
  9. Autumn Leaves


12 kommentarer:

alex sa...

many thanks for this boss drop!

Solomon sa...

Thank you.

Bill sa...

EXCELLENT RARE Prestige label post
Many thanks!

johnv sa...

Very cool--thanks Steve.

Anonym sa...

Excellent post - thank you so much!

If you've anything else by the man (especially Spiderman or Gimmie Some) I'd love to hear it.


taro nombei sa...

nice easy grooving.
thanks for this and best from Tokyo...

montysmusic sa...

many thanks for this download on first visit to your blog especially pleased to find another cover of I AM A WALRUS ,my fav beatles song
thankls phil

Sparks sa...

Thanks for the Freddie

chelley sa...

I'm so glad I found a place i can listen to a few songs over and over again from this album. Thank you so much, man. Pirated or whatever, I say it's always better to have the music than to lose it forever. I hope you put this record back up on mediafire soon!

J-Beezie sa...

I agree with chelley sa...

Would be tight if this got re-upped. Impossible to find. Mr. McCoy doesn't get enough props. Lost between Freddie Hubbard and McCoy Tyner I guess. =)


Steve sa...


Re upped

James sa...

Amazing album! Would you happen to have McCoy's "Peas 'n' Rice" album as well? Used to love that LP but it's long gone now unfortunately :(