måndag 13 april 2009

Junie - When We Do

Junie, at this time former Ohio Player, soon to be Funkadelic, released this, his first solo effort onWestbound in 1975. The music is varied, some all-out funk tracks and some tracks that reach for a pop-rock feel, but always some kind of funk lurking in the back.

Loving Arms

Tight Rope

There's no mention of other players which leads one to believe Junie is playing a lot of the instruments himself. Strings is provided by The Detroit Symphony who, when they're playing with Junie, is playing funky.
  1. Junie.
  2. Loving Arms
  3. Johnny Carson Samba
  4. The Place
  5. Anna
  6. Tight Rope
  7. You and You
  8. When We Do
  9. Married Him
  10. Walt's Third Trip

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Simon666 sa...

Thanks for this Steve, some interesting textures here.

Lafayette sa...

Yup...dying to check this one out! :)


JTF sa...

Thanks! I see Junie got custody of the bald chick!

Kathy sa...


trakbuv sa...

Junie Morrison is a mad bad MF - gotta check out his debut - see he done stole the Ohios mascot for his cover !!! Many thanx Steve

NRO sa...

Hi Trakbuv :)

Probably you're kidding :) But if not, here's the background story:

Ohio Players as a band had left the Westbound label at the time, but Junie stayed in Westbound and kept all the concept he created by himself (Bald lady etc.) :)

Krimea sa...

Junie is the baddest - he doesn't get the props he deserves for his services to funky music.

trakbuv sa...

@NRO - didn't know he came up with the concept (did he have a thing for mannequins, I wonder ? ;.)) - although guessed it was a Westbound thang, the Ohios having gone all Mercurial - many thanks for the info


Very Fantastic Post!
Very Fantastic Blog!Many Tanks
Peace Guido/Lisergicfunk

Buns O'Plenty sa...

awesome blog

Vincent the Soul Chef sa...

Yes, a FANTASTIC blog. Haven't been through in a while, so playing catch up was lots of fun :)

I'm sure to be back so please, keep up the good work.

Peace and blessings.

Vincent the Soul Chef sa...




tswift98 sa...

OMG!! You don't understand how much I've been looking for his solo albums on Westbound!! If you do have the other two he did on Westbound by any chance and know of someone who does, I would be eternally grateful if I could get them..........man thank you!!!!!!

Kronk sa...

Amen to tswift98 - anyone found "Freeze" or "Suzie Super Groupie"???

Anonym sa...

Thanks Steve....I don't remember Junie's solo albums, but I'm looking forward to listening to this one. Thanks for sharing.
Jack Flash

Anonym sa...

thank you !!!

Anonym sa...

can u upload other junie's lp?

RPM~ sa...

Man! You don't know how much I appreciate this sweet drop. The only thing I had previous to this selection is the 2 disc anthology "Westbound Years". Thanks for this from another true collector

chronwell sa...

@ Steve kl ,Thanx 4 keepin it funky!

Anonym sa...

Bad link. Any chance of a re-up? Thanks.