fredag 8 augusti 2008

Horace Silver - All-The United States Of Mind/Phase 3

Jazz-funk (with emphasis on jazz) from Horace Silver, released on Blue Note in 1972. As you might have figured out from the title, All is the third part of his United States Of Mind trilogy. Horace plays electric piano only throughout the record, Cecil Bridgewater plays trumpet, Harold Vick plays tenor saxophone, Richie Resnicoff is on guitar, Bob Cranshaw plays bass and Mickey Roker plays drums. Every song contains vocals (more or less) and the most prominently featured vocalists are Andy & Salome Bey.
  1. The Merger Of The Minds
  2. Cause And Effect
  3. Forever Is A Long Long Time
  4. My Soul Is My Computer
  5. How Much Does Matter Really Matter
  6. Horn Of Life
  7. Who Has The Answer
  8. From The Heart Through The Mind
  9. All
  10. Summary

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

big hello to sweden!!! ; ) Horace Silver is nice, as nearly everything from Blue Note from that Era is!! I got a got bunch of Horace Albums, also All the united states.. part 1 & 2, u r postin part 3 , which i aint got..thx

Solomon sa...

I've been looking for this album. Thank you. You've got a great blog!

culov sa...

whoa... andy & salome bey?! thanks fam

Simon666 sa...

Woo hoo thanks Steve, love this one :)

I've also linked it in my Harold Vick sideman discography

Anonym sa...

You have slandered the United States of America by publishing this.

- Dept. of Homeland Security