söndag 10 augusti 2008

Lou Rawls - The Way It Was The Way It Is

This is one of my personal favourites. Its gritty, late 60's soul produced by David Axelrod and released on the Capitol label. There is a great funk track in Season Of The Witch and a refreshing version of When A Man Loves A Woman, but all the tracks are nice and soulful.
  1. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
  2. Trying Just As Hard As I Can
  3. Your Good Thing (Is About To End)
  4. I Love You, Yes I Do
  5. When A Man Loves A Woman
  6. Season Of The Witch
  7. Gentle On My Mind
  8. I Wonder
  9. I Want To Be Loved (But Only By You)
  10. It's You


9 kommentarer:

tswift98 sa...

Man, anything with David Axelrod is much appreciated!! Thank you!!

Noman sa...

Such a great singer. I don't have this album and I really appreciate your good quality rip. Thank you

Radek sa...

Thank you very much. Lou's Axelrod albums are difficult to find and I have been looking for this one for a long time.

Anonym sa...

thanks for the LOU!

Sgt. Getraer sa...

Your Good Thing is one of my favorite Lou tracks. I did not know it was off of this album. Thank you, from a long-time Rawls fan (and Axelrod, for that matter).

WINO sa...

thanks for Lou Rawls & great site. you have great taste. BTW..what is Password on LOU RAWLS The Way It Was? thanks WINO

Steve sa...

no password

Anonym sa...

Thank you Steve.

Anonym sa...

hi thanks very much for this album i love Lou Rawls especially trade winds!! regards from bielefeld/germany