tisdag 19 augusti 2008

Stanley Turrentine - Always Something There

Antoher late 60's soul-jazz record on Blue Note. Tenor man Stanley Turrentine recorded this album in 1968 with alot of help from Thad Jones who supplied the arrangments. Jones old drummer freind, Mel Lewis shares drumming duties with Mickey Roker, Bob Cranshaw plays bass, Herbie Hancock or Hank Jones plays piano, Kenny Burrell and Barry Gailbraith is on guitar, Jerry Dodgion and Jerome Richardson is playing saxophones, flute and clarinet, Jimmy Cleveland plays trombone, James Buffington and Dick Berg plays french horns and Burt Collins plays flugelhorn. On my first listen I couldn't really get into this one since I thought it was too pop (with two Lennon-McCartney tunes, plus a cover of Light My Fire). It has grown on me since then though, and I especially like the funky swagger of the backbeat to Little Green Apples. Stoned Soul Picnic is great aswell. On the whole, this album kinda feels like a jazz version of the Mel Brown record I posted.
  1. (There's) Always Something There
  2. Little Green Apples
  3. When I Look Into Your Eyes
  4. Light My Fire
  5. Those Were The Days
  6. Stoned Soul Picnic
  7. Home Town
  8. Song For Bonnie
  9. Hey Jude
  10. Fool On The Hill


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The Cerealistic Lama sa...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Its so damn funky, you must funkifed your life cause you're the funkiest one in town!!

johnv sa...

What a treat your blog is Steve. This is another great post. I am in awe!

flageolette sa...

Great,many thanks

Andy sa...

Excellent thanks,I have lots of Turrentine but not this one.I have added you to my blog roll (http://2wisejazzheads.blogspot.com)
Check out Andy's Jazz Show on UK Jazz Radio,I suspect you might like it.