lördag 9 augusti 2008

Cleveland Eaton - Plenty Good Eaton

A jazz-funk outing from bass player Cleveland Eaton, with a little early disco feeling. Released on Black Jazz in 1975. Players include Ed Green on violin and viola, Artee Payne on tenor and flute, John Watson on trombone, Ernest Johnson on guitar, Kenneth Prince on electric piano and Morris Jennings on percussion.
On the back cover, Eaton gives props to his musical idols; Maurice White, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder. These influences are not hard to detect on this album.
Cleveland handles the vocalizing himself and he does a fine job, especially on the soul pearl Are You Out There Somewhere Caring. It might not be the greatest vocal in the world from a technical point of view but damn, he sounds cool and confident (think in the lines of Paul Jacksons vocal on God Made Me Funky). There are also two nice jazz tunes, typical for the Black Jazz label.
  1. Chi-Town Theme
  2. Keena
  3. Moe, Let's Have A Party
  4. Are You Out There Somewhere Caring
  5. Kaiser 405
  6. All Your Lover, All Day, All Night
  7. Hamburg 302

Link removed at the request of Black Jazz Records

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Simon666 sa...

thanks for this one!

Nando sa...

yes! thanx for this. a black jazz label more funky and fine tunes. thanx a lot!

Black Jazz Records sa...

Please remove the art work and the mp3 links pretaing to Black Jazz from this site. You are violating
google's piracy policies. Black Jazz Records

Steve sa...

I removed the links to Cleveland Eaton and Rudolph Johnson. Do you have any links to places where people might purchase these records?

Steve sa...

... and also, the Gene Russell one?

Anonym sa...

This guy doesn't represent Black Jazz artists. He simply bought out the label and is trying to make himself some cash. Due to his ignorance and attacks on blogs, he is doomed to fail. Quite alot of people download Black Jazz records, when they never heard of them, and then want to buy them. He wants links down, yet doesn't have the music for sale. And the ones on sale are CDs for at least $40 and up.

I would put the links back up, but I'm sure this guy would go to great lengths to shut your blog down. He is a clown who doesn't utilize and take advantage of today's technology and appreciate the free promotion.