måndag 28 juli 2008

Sundance - Sundance

This is a groovy one from my own neighbourhood of Sweden. A mixture of jazz and funk with some vocals, but its mostly instrumental workouts. Plenty of electronics going on. This one is pretty rare too, I imagine its even rarer outside of sweden so dont skip this one up now that you've come across it. Released on Harvest in 1976. The players are too numerous and I'm too tired to list them all, but check the back cover (included in the zip. file) for full details.
  1. Yea Yea
  2. Some Drunk
  3. Buster
  4. Aspects
  5. So Soft


7 kommentarer:

Simon666 sa...

This is a good one Steve, thanks a lot!

Anonym sa...

Tackar för denna skiva...! Har sökt en hel del efter den.
Spännande och roligt att du hade den.


ish sa...

After your comment on Soundological, I will give this a try. Thanks!

avocado kid sa...

nice! thanks.

johnv sa...

Great stuff, can't wait to hear this one. What a treat it has been to find your blog, Steve.

ish sa...

I had to come back and say how much I'm enjoying this album. The first two tracks are incredible...love the singer in the second and the groove in the first is terrific. Thanks again.

Anonym sa...

excellent stuff. thank you