tisdag 15 juli 2008

David Liebman - Light'n Up Please

A very groove oriented outing by David Liebman, who is perhaps most famous for his time playing alongside Miles Davis. I would actually say this album should be judged as a funk album rather than as a jazz album. AMG trashed it in their review, but I think, apart from a couple of snoozer moments, that this is pretty fucking groovy. And it should be, since James Browns old partner Pee-Wee Ellis is producing and playing. Its not a fantastic record but definitely worth checking out if youre into jazz-funk.
This record isnt very expensive, I just checked on ebay and there was a ton of used copys there if you should want to own it.
  1. Light'n Up Please
  2. Children Of The Ghetto
  3. Tranquillity Of The Protective Aura
  4. The Fonz's Strut
  5. Got To Work
  6. Chicken Soup
  7. Exquisite Torture
  8. Win Your Love
  9. Slow Dance On The Killing Ground


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invisiblenigma sa...

Thanks Man! This Looks very promising.