onsdag 16 juli 2008

Mike Nock - Succubus

This album by pianist Mike Nock was released in 1980 on Sutra Records. Mike is most known to me as founder of The Fourth Way, a jazz-rock group that released two albums (that I know of) in the end of the 60's/beginning of the 70's. This is a little more in a straight jazz direction, although there's still some fusion in there, especially on the track Mind Blind. Alex Foster is playing saxophone, Ratso Harris bass, Tom Rainey drums and Ray Mantilla is playing percussion.
  1. Dawn Bird
  2. Recollections
  3. Mind Blind
  4. Love Child
  5. Six Miles
  6. Succubus


6 kommentarer:

Solomon sa...

I love Mike Nock. Thank you so much!

ish sa...

This Mike Nock is new to me. Thanks!

Reza sa...

Yeah thanks for this one
btw fourth way did 3 albums but one was live have posted them all if you need

Anonym sa...

Hello from Greece.
Thank you very much for this excellent album.
My best wishes for your blog.
Thanks again, thanks for sharing.


KingCake sa...

Thanks for this insanely rare gem - I'd never ever seen it mentioned in a discography

Simon666 sa...

This one's really nice Steve, thanks a lot - for some reason missed it here back then, but glad to be pointed back to your blog by KingCake :)