torsdag 24 juli 2008

Gene Russell - Talk To My Lady

Here's a quick post before I go to bed. Released on Black Jazz in 1973, this record is pretty much the usual Black Jazz-sound, plus there's a sort of pop-jazz version of You Are The Sunshine Of My Life. Get Down is fine ass, funky jazz with a heavy bassline intro. Players are Henry Franklin on bass, Calvin Keys on guitar, Ndugu on drums, Charles Weaver on conga drums and Eddie Gee joins in on tambourine.

  1. Talk To My Lady
  2. Get Down
  3. Me And Mrs. Jones
  4. For Heaven's Sake
  5. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
  6. Blues Suite
  7. My Favorite Things
  8. If You Could See Me Now

Link removed at the request of Black Jazz Records

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Solomon sa...

Great album! Thanks.


super album,
many thanks for sharing

Simon666 sa...

Hi again,
I’ve linked to your page in my post of Ahmad Jamal – “Steppin Out With a Dream”. The connection is guitarist Calvin Keys
All the Best,