måndag 14 juli 2008

Did steve tell you that per chance?

Ok, this blogspot is for me to put up vinyl-rips. When I want an album of mine added on my mp3 player, I usually do a blogsearch for it, rather than ripping it from my vinyl copy. I do this beacause im lazy. When I cant find the record im looking for I rip it from my vinyl copy.
From now on, I will be sharing those rips with you, right here, on this blog.

As for the genre of these records, it will mostly consist of jazz, funk, soul and records related to these genres.

And I am no audiophile with expensive equipment, but I will be doing my best to do the original recordings justice (any feedback on my ripping will be greatly appreciated).

On a personal note; Im 20 years old, I live in Sweden and im addicted to Vinyl.

Oh, and as for the name of this blog, I just wrote down the first thing on my mind which happened to be the first lines spoken by Tina Turner in her song Bold Soul Sister (its not an exact quote since I felt I had to include "music" somewhere in the title)
Hope you'll find something here that brightens up your day.


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Anonym sa...

for me, the sound of your rip is dope, that mel brown is doin it for me, thx

Lafayette sa...

Hey, Steve...you got a good thing going here – I'll definitely be back! Linking you up straight away!

Keep on keepin' on!


soulbrotha sa...

Sock it to me biscuit!!

Great blog, Steve. Some real original posts. I look forward to hearing some these gems. Rock on, brutha!

Peace & blessins,


Steve sa...

Thanks for the words. Makes me feel like posting something new. I checked out the fourbrothersbeats just now... Shame I missed out on that competition, I'm a pretty decent scratcher (even though I hardly ever do it anymore) and I could probably have put something together.

soulbrotha sa...

Well bro, the competition has been extended to the 15th. So by all means ENTER!!

Quick rules:

1. The audio logo (or jingle) should be about 10–20 seconds long.

2. It must include the three words "Four", "Brothers" and "Beats".

3. The sound of the beat should have the soul/funk vibe of our blog, even with added scratches, effects, etc. Feel free to incorporate the music from our posts! Just think of what 4BB usually posts – so that the beat/jingle blends nicely with both the music posted and what we at 4BB stand for! Very important.

The competition runs for two weeks – from today to August 15th. Five finalists will be presented a day later - and a week long poll among our readers will decide the winner!

Good luck and thanks! :)


hi steve!
you have a fantastic blog m8!
many,many thanks for some dope albums!
grabbed quite a few!

Anonym sa...

lot of amazing stuff !!
thank for sharing :)

Anonym sa...

steve thank you for your sharing. your blog is really great

Franco sa...

Hey ! just found your blog....looks great...will comment after i've downloaded something...hope your still active..
Regards from UK

Brooklyn Hotspur sa...

Straight up and down....this blog is a killer!


JTF sa...

thanks! just found the bloog and have some fun ahead of me!

Anonym sa...

Hi Steve, I'm a 38-year old musician from the UK and always enjoy an opportunity to broaden my listening. I make the mistake from time to time of starting to believe that I 'know some shit' where music's concerned so thanks for proving me wrong by sharing heaps of great albums that I've never heard before. Your blog is effectively the 'missing' music blog as, if it existed elsewhere, as you point out, you'd have downloaded it yourself! Brilliant! Anyway, I'm really enjoying your blog and your taste in vinyl. Keep up the good work! Learning from someone half your age is one of the great things about music.

The Super Sonic Sonar Radar sa...

Flight of the Conchords!

Genius blog by the way sir.