onsdag 1 oktober 2008

Jazz Crusaders - Lighthouse '69

By 1969 The Jazz Crusaders had begun moving into the funky area of jazz they would focus on for most of the 70's. They still have a good chunk of jazz left in their style though. This was recorded live at the Lighthouse with "their favourite bassist" Buster Williams. The main four Crusaders are Wilton Felder, Wayne Henderson, Stix Hooper and Joe Sample. Lighthouse 69' was released on World Pacific Jazz.
  1. Get Back
  2. It's Gotta Be Real
  3. Willie And Laura Mae Jones
  4. Ruby P'Gonia
  5. It's Your Thing
  6. Inside The Outside
  7. Reflections
  8. Svenska Flicka


8 kommentarer:

Solomon sa...

Thank you.

manny sa...

thanks for posting

Anonym sa...

Thanks for sharing this Jazz Crusaders album...
Jack Flash

André sa...

very nice blog! keep vinyls alive! nice surprise was to find a brazilian (like me) composition - blck orppheus - recorded by a japanese trio! Very interesting!

invisiblenigma sa...

I really like a lot of the Crusaders stuff. But I've never heard this one before. Much Thanks. I can't wait to hear this.

alex sa...

the one i did nit have!
many thanks again for sharing & all your hard work

johnv sa...

Nice one, thanks as always Steve!

Anonym sa...

I remember listening to this album over and over on vinyl during college in Washington DC and had a cassette copy for over a decade. I had these songs in my head but could never remember the album. Thank You, thank you, thank you!!!