söndag 19 oktober 2008

Rudolph Johnson - The Second Coming

Dope jazz with an edge, which is nothing less than what you expect from a Black Jazz album. Released in 1973, this record features four Rudolph Johnson originals and one tune written by Kirk Lightsey, who plays piano. Doug Sides plays drums, Kent Brinkley plays bass and Rudolph Johnson plays his tenor sax and is also credited as the arranger. All the tunes are nice but The Traveler and The Highest Pleasure stands out for me.
  1. The Traveler
  2. Time And Space
  3. The Highest Pleasure
  4. The Water Bearer
  5. The Second Coming

Link removed at the request of Black Jazz Records

3 kommentarer:

invisiblenigma sa...

Top Notch LP. Much Thanks!!

alex sa...

many thanks again!

lumberjunk sa...

one of my alltime favourites, dope album