onsdag 22 oktober 2008

Bobby Jones - The Arrival Of Bobby Jones

The Arrival Of Bobby Jones was released in 1972 on Cobblestone Records. The players are Bobby jones on tenor sax, soprano sax and clarinet, Richard Davis on bass, Charles McPherson on alto sax, Jaki Byard on piano, Mickey Roker on drums, Bob Dorough plays rhodes on two tunes and Sue Evans handles percussion duties on three tunes.
  1. Thanks To Trane
  2. Ballad For Two Sons
  3. 'Stone Bossa
  4. Blues For The Brown Buddha
  5. Waltz For Joy
  6. Keepin' Up With Jones
  7. As The Crow Flies


6 kommentarer:

Simon666 sa...

Thanks Steve, good stuff.

Solomon sa...

Thank you.

ish sa...

Appreciate it!

johnv sa...

Keep up the great work Steve!

neil sa...

He's cool on 'Hill Country Suite' (Enja 2046) as well...

SlimStew sa...

Thanks! Ever see those Mingus records he was on at this time?