fredag 24 oktober 2008

Mel Brown - Mel Brown's Fifth

Once again, Mel Brown on Impulse, released in 1971. This one is a whole lot grittier than the other Mel Brown record I posted and it's a whole lot better too, if you ask me. The other players are Jimmy Davis on organ and keyboard bass, Jeff Osborne on drums, Carle Vickers on trumpet, Jake Riley on trombone, Lorenzo Carnegie on alto sax, Onion Miller on tenor sax, Tobie Butler on baritone sax, Clifford Coulter plays electric piano on one tune and Mel's father, John H Brown, contributes a vocal. Other than playing his guitar Mel also plays electric piano, sings and plays bass. The 10 minute jam, Luv Potion is dope.
  1. Time For A Change
  2. Good Stuff
  3. Seven Forty-Seven (Airport Blues)
  4. Luv Potion
  5. Drifting Blues
  6. Cheap At Half The Price
  7. Home Made
  8. Gimme A Little Slack

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invisiblenigma sa...

This Looks Great! Much Appreciated.

culov sa...

thanks bro

manny sa...

thanks for posting

Anonym sa...

Thanks for sharing this Mel Brown......
Jack Flash

johnv sa...

Never seen this one before, thanks Steve.

ish sa...

Going back to grab this one after heading Big Foot Country Girl. Thanks!