söndag 30 maj 2010

Jazz On The Road - 12 Special Arrangements For Jazz Dancing

A rare piece of instrumental funk that I picked up the other day at a flea market. I picked it up because I noticed Super Fly and Cisco Kid on the back cover. Turns out the whole album is mostly made up of raw breakbeat-funk with some fuzzy guitar, organ and horns. There's a definite library-funk vibe in here. I'm not sure what the story is with this record, there is no mention of musicians or producers/arrangers.

Moving World

Cisco Kid


  1. Moving World
  2. Love Theme
  3. Super Fly
  4. Honky Cat
  5. Do It Again
  6. Cisco Kid
  7. Corazon
  8. Sweet Mary
  9. Hot Mud
  10. Beautiful Sunday
  11. Grand Central Shuttle
  12. Get It On

8 kommentarer:

flageolette sa...

!Thank you!


E-mile sa...

the cover alone invited me to take a peek....I mean listen [:-)
Hope these versions turn out well!
thank you & keep this wonderful blog alive with your vinyl-finds...
peace, E-mile

Anonym sa...

I want to thank you for the great albums you shared with us.
I imagine that it is hard work and a lot of time to make it... it was worth spending, man !
I dig most of the music you posted.
I learnt a lot and could save a lot of time.
I am a better man now.
Fuckin' Funky Fred From France.

E-mile sa...

gave the thing a lissen or 3 & am convinced this is pure magma, gold, brilliant shiny diamonds...
again, thanks for the share (and find!) Hope you don't mind me taking some of this into some future post over at my little baby blog:
be well & be safe Steve, and btw that cover of Hot Mud is awesome too....
peace, E-mile

Bill sa...

Well the comments,titles and cover make it worth a try. Thank you for sharing and a great blog.

vincent the soul chef sa...

Amazing! I love that kitschy funky feel. The Creative Source cover was my fave track so far... A real winner! In looking at the sleeve, I noticed the Hoctor Records label. There's a bit of background info on the label over at the Fleamarket Funk blog that may interest you. I'm gonna go on a whim and say this one was probably released around 1975. I hope that helps a bit. Thanks for the share :)

Peace and blessings.

Anonym sa...

jag har hittat internets bästa blogg?? snälla lägg upp mer musik. luv

Simon666 sa...

Thanks Steve, diving right in for this one , always a sucker for versions of "Corazon" :)