onsdag 21 april 2010

Montego Joe - Wild & Warm

Latin jazz on Prestige. Released 1965 (that's when the liner notes was written anyway). I don't know much about latin music but this sounds pretty good to me. Maybe not that wild but definitely warm. Aside from sunny jazz, there's a fun soul tune here aswell in Ouch with some not-meant-to-be-taken-seriously vocals. Check out the back cover for further information.

Haitian Lady


  1. Same Old Same Old
  2. Haitian Lady
  3. Capricious
  4. Happy Joe
  5. No Tears
  6. Ouch
  7. Give It Up
  8. Ewe
  9. Bata Blues
  10. Concumba
  11. Lexington Avenue Line



8 kommentarer:

Bill sa...

Nice post!! I`m saying thanks in advance as I`m looking at this at work. I`ll download it as soon as I get home.

phil sa...

Love all Montego Joe and hadnt heard this many thanks

Anonym sa...

Hi! I've been following you blog for a while but never commented anything. Found it when I was looking for the Peddlers.
You have lot's of good stuff here that I've never heard of! Thanks for introducing me so many new things.

Simon666 sa...

Wow gorgeous stuff, really love "Haitian Lady", and lots of other good tracks. As always, big thanks for your efforts Steve :)

Steve sa...

yeah that one's my fav too. Appreciate the comments

Bill sa...

I`ve been raiding your back posts. I`d like to thank you for sharing all this GREAT stuff and your hard work.GREAT blog!

ish sa...

Thanks much!

Piet Rym sa...