fredag 10 september 2010

Wayne Davis - A View From Another Place

Spritual soul, or something like that. I like this record. It manages to be varied while keeping it together, blending a lot of different styles into a whole. I found some youtube clips for your previewing pleasure.

I Like The Things About Me That I Once Despised

Sweet Bird Of Youth

The sound is stripped down for the most part, Wayne on piano, Bernard Purdie on drums and Jerry Jemmott on bass. Richard Tee, Richard Davis, Roberta Flack, Eugene McDaniels and Carrie Cole also participates. If your musical taste is anything like mine you won't want to not hear the 11 minute funk freak-out that is Joel 2:28. 1973, Atlantic Records.
  1. Sweet Bird Of Youth
  2. Mixed Up Guy
  3. How's Mama's Baby
  4. I Like The Things About Me That I Once Despised
  5. Somebody's Watching You
  6. I Love You So
  7. Joel 2:28

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Welcome back and many thanks for this fantastic post
guido/LF from :

E-mile sa...

Steve, I Like The Things... you post on your amazing was worth the LONG wait! This is a true GEM... has Wayne Davis made more of these awesome music, I wonder...THANK you very much, this is gonna be on heavy rotation over here [:-)
peace, E-mile

The Super Sonic Sonar Radar sa...

that line up's got me drooling man. anything with bernard purdie in pricks my ears, cheers for this music man you don't know how much i appreiciate it.

Radek sa...

Excellent! Thanks a lot.

Anonym sa...

One Excellent Post !

imnokid sa...

Just discovered your great blog. This album is insane! Thank you so very much.

iko sa...

A great post. I have this obscure album which shows how much genius we have circulating around us all the time!

Anonym sa...

Please,could you repost this album?
Links are down unfortunately