torsdag 4 september 2008

Various Artists - Motown Instrumentals

The title pretty much explains it all. From what I understand, this is a pretty obscure record. A couple of the songs are instrumentals to old Motown hits and another couple of songs are new. Released in 1977 on Motowns Natural Resources Label. The sound quality of this one is a little rough at times but that's due to issues with the sound of the actual record, not a glitch in the ripping process.
  1. San Remo Golden Strings - Hungry For Love
  2. Jr. Walker - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
  3. Commodores - Rapid Fire
  4. The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
  5. San Remo Golden Strings - Festival Time
  6. Jr. Walker - Cleo's Back
  7. The Crusaders - Way Back Home
  8. Jermaine Jackson - Erucu
  9. Rare Earth - Get Ready
Link removed upon request.

6 kommentarer:

manny sa...

amazing! thank you so much

Anonym sa...

Thanks for sharing man!

Weekend Hippie sa...

I heard this in the record store one day, very cool to have an instrumental version of "Papa was a rolling stone".

Thanks for your great taste in music, and all your hard work!

jopparelli sa...

Thanx! Nice Blog you have man!


Noman sa...

Don't tell me you found this one for 1 Euro on a fleemarket as your other finds! :-)
Thank you!

Steve sa...

Actually, this one was more like half a euro;)
Dont worry though, I've paid big bucks for some of these records... But from time to time, I do get lucky.