måndag 1 september 2008

Odell Brown - Odell Brown

Organ-izer Odell Brown released this jazz-funk album on Paula Records in 1974. It's mellow, funky music and Brown plays both organ and rhodes (the electric piano is actually featured more frequently than the organ). A nice record all the way through. No info on the other players (if you know, clue me in).
  1. I Love Every Little Thing About You
  2. Tasha
  3. South of 63rd
  4. Song Theme
  5. Simizzoke


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Solomon sa...

Thank you.

Anonym sa...

Thanks for this Mr. Brown share...
Jack Flash

manny sa...

thanks for posting

invisiblenigma sa...

Thanks. Looka Ineresting.

alex sa...

great album from a great artist!
many thanks!

johnv sa...

Never seen this one before, thanks Steve.

Miles sa...

i just discovered your interesting blog, via 'never enough rhodes blogwatch.' there are some unusual titles here. i look forward to poking around. thanks.

boogie sa...

many thanks for posting this album!

Halftime* sa...

this site is amazing,

i run a hip-hop jazz sampled based blog and

i am furthering my education on the music which came before me


boogieman sa...

Thanks. I found this album on a flea market 20 years ago. Didn't expect to see it on a blog. Not very common (at least in Europe). Very enjoyable album.
I like your blog, good selection of not so common albums.