lördag 10 januari 2009

Myrth - Myrth

Myrth has to my knowledge just released this one album, on RCA in 1969. They consist of six members; Grier Cook on guitar and lead vocals, Eay Cork on bass, trumpet, baritone horn and vocals, Johnny Guthie on drums, Ken Mulholland on piano and organ, David Drury on guitar, trombone and vocals and Bob Kenrich on reed instruments and vocals.

Get It Straight

Don't Pity The Man

The sound is diverse and ranges from the breakbeat funk of Myrthiolate to more experimental type tunes like Shed My Skin. The six-minute plus Don't Pity The Man goes through so many changes that when you're done listening you'll think you just heard four tunes, not one. The closer Myrthiadrine is also quite nice drugged out funk.
  1. Gotta Find A Way
  2. He Don't Know
  3. Get It Straight
  4. Myrthiolate
  5. Fading Image
  6. We Got To Get Together
  7. Aftermyrth
  8. Shed My Skin
  9. Don't Pity The Man
  10. Myrthadrine


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Jazzsoulman sa...

Wow, never heard of this, but looks very interesting. Can't wait to give it a spin. Thank you for sharing

manny sa...

thanks for posting

thefunkygoat sa...

The groovy sounds of Myrth! New to me, and really quite enjoyable... thanks!

The Goat


johnv sa...

Thanks for this one Steve, looks very interesting.

Anonym sa...

I never thought I would see this album again...I thought it way too obscure. I bought it years ago as a cut-out (I saw the guys with horns on the cover) and liked it quite a bit. It is very interesting to hear again...not as god as I remembered, but still pretty good. Thanks for this rarity.