onsdag 28 januari 2009

Gary Burton - Throb

Good, sometimes funky album by vibes player Gary Burton. Relaeased on the Atlantic label in 1969. Players are Jerry Hahn, Richard Greene, Steve Swallow and Bill Goodwin.

Some Echoes

There's some pretty nice rhodes (played by Gary himself) on some tracks. Listen to above track for an example. Prime Time is another good one.
  1. Henniger Flats
  2. Turn Of The Century
  3. Chickens
  4. Arise, Her Eyes
  5. Prime Time
  6. Throb
  7. Doin The Pig
  8. Triple Portrait
  9. Some Echoes


6 kommentarer:

ish sa...

Thanks a lot.

Simon666 sa...

Thanks for this one Steve :)

johnv sa...

Thanks Steve--Gary Burton is always a pleasure to listen to.

Anonym sa...

Thank you for the "Throb". My old cassette copy is missing the last half of "Some Echoes". :)

Bill sa...

Thank you

Anonym sa...

Just posted "Gary Burton: Tennessee Firebird" (RCA 1966) and linked to your post.