fredag 1 april 2011

Walter Hawkins - Selah

Yo. I haven't been posting much (at all) lately (for about seven or so months). But I have come to life and started re-upping some dead links (Universal Jones, Freddie Mccoy, Carolyn Franklin, Chuck Bridges and Isao Suzuki). Should you find more dead links just drop me a line in the comments and it'll be on my to do list.

I do have some new unblogged treasures waiting to get ripped but I don't have my turntable hooked up the right way as of now.
I did however find this rip just laying around on my hard drive and I realized it had not been posted yet. Look at the backcover and you'll know everything I know about it.

Some youtube-previews:


7 kommentarer:

E-mile sa...

good to see you're still around Steve! nice one, for me the track "Where will you run" was the highlite of the album [:-)
peace, E-mile

JTF sa...

looks like I have some listenin' to do!

Simon666 sa...

thanks steve!

Conti sa...

Good to have you back, thought u were gone for good. Thanks for the post.

Radek sa...

Thanks a lot. Incredible stuff as usual!

bgsfunk sa...


Nice stuff.

Glad you are back!!

Anonym sa...

the drummer is a white guy. of course, cause, you know, they have great rhythm.