onsdag 11 november 2009

Stu Gardner and the Sanctified Sound

Don't call it a comeback. But yeah, it's been a while. Anyway, here's a funk and soul album from singer-organ/piano/clavinet player Stu Gardner. Released on Volt (Stax) in 1974. For some backstory on Stu, check out this or that. This album has a couple of players in common with the Charles Wright LP I posted some time ago, namely Charles Wright himself, who contributes with some guitar and drummer James Gadson.
I found one of the tracks up on youtube.
  1. Devil In A Man
  2. Added To A Broken Heart
  3. Funky Neighborhood
  4. Home On The Range
  5. Mathilda (Instrumental)
  6. Sanctified Sound
  7. Sister Matilda
  8. Leave Him Alone
  9. The Sweetest Song
  10. The Sweetest Song (Part II)

17 kommentarer:

Soul Bonanza sa...

Many thanks, and welcome back!

Wallofsound sa...

I've got a real soft spot for Stu Gardner, and I don't know this one. Thnaks for sharing.

JTF sa...

Thanks & Stuff!


Welcome Back and Many Thanks for this Good Stuff!


Simon666 sa...

great share , and great to see you back here, thanks!

Lafayette sa...

Welcome back, Steve!
This is the perfect follow-up post to our Stu post here: http://4bbweekly.wordpress.com/2009/04/22/week-17-love-and-soul/

Now, you keep this up...you hear! Don't wanna wait another 5 months for the next drop! :¬)


Steve sa...

Thanks for the comments all... and hopefully you won't have to wait five months for the next one. But no promises!

How about some Montego Joe? I'll look around to see if it's been posted somewhere...

cody b sa...

Most excellent post..I was on a Stu Gardner jag a few months back, but I couldn't find this record. Thank You.


Vincent the Soul Chef sa...

Oh yeah!!! Laf just hipped me. Thanks for another winner, good to have you back :)

Peace and blessings.

Slidewell sa...

Good to see you back! But hey, it's quality not quantity! thanks for all the terrific posts, and can't wait to hear this one!

xensma sa...

aow!!!!the song featured on youtube really rocks!thanks for sharing!!

Robert sa...

Appreciate the great tunes man. So far very much a soul

JackRamon sa...


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Mátyás sa...

Nice to have you back, I was getting worried your blog might have been abandoned. Thanks for the post, I think I have it already, but I'll get it - maybe it's a better quality rip!

ksn sa...

tjena from nyc,

excellent albums here, well done - and much appreciated ;)


Anonym sa...

happy new year! i wanted to thank you for all of your great posts, so here's a link for prince lasha's "insight" from 1966, just reissued on cd. it's a high quality 320 kbps rip. enjoy!


Enrique HH sa...

Good to hear (good music) from you again,man!!!Superb album.Thanks a lot.Take it easy, but not that much!Just kiddin´...Peace.