fredag 19 december 2008

Irakere - Live In Sweden

Irakere was a band from Cuba who performed a mixture of afro-funk, jazz and latin music. They started out in the 70's but this record was recorded in 1980 during a live performance in Sweden, released in 1981 on A Disc.

15 Minutos

Valle De Picadura

Chucho Valdés is band leader and plays keyboards (quite a lot of rhodes here), Carlos Del Puerto plays bass and sings, Enrique Piá plays drums and afro-cuban instruments, Jorge Alfonso plays congas and afro-cuban instruments, Oscar Valdés plays afro-cuban instruments and sings, Carlos Emilio Morales plays guitars, Jorge Varona plays trumpet, flugelhorn and sings, Arturo Sandoval plays trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone and sings and Carlos Averhoff plays saxophones and flutes.
  1. Aguanile Bonko
  2. 15 Minutos
  3. Juan 1600
  4. Iya
  5. Valle De Picadura
  6. Tres Dias
  7. Irakere


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culov sa...

damn brother, i thought i had this one but it looks like i was wrong. hes got his own style of cuban funk that cant be imitated... ill put somthing else of his up on my blog. check out my spot if youre interested: